Friday, September 10, 2010

Social Networking: An Introduction

Some parents are eager users of new kinds of social networking; others feel intimidated by forms of technology they don’t use or understand. Regardless of your own comfort level, it can be scary to wonder what your kids will encounter online. This section offers basic explanations about social networking as well as some tips for using these tools in safe and healthy ways.

Did You Know?

Nearly two-thirds (63%) of teens with profiles on social networks believe that a motivated person could eventually identify them from the information they publicly provide on their profiles.

1. Nearly 54% of the selected profiles revealed details about risky sexual lifestyles, drug addictions and violent encounters with peers.

2 Nearly three quarters (73%) of online teens use social network sites.

3 Even if you don’t use online social networking yourself, it’s good to understand what your child could be using it for.

There are many benefits to using these Web sites, but there are also some dangers. Take the time to make sure that your child knows what’s appropriate—and what’s not—when it comes to social networking.

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