Monday, December 6, 2010

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Important Questions

Prepare yourself for parent-teacher conferences by thinking about what information parents really should have.
Here are some examples.

  • What will your students learn this year in key subjects like math, science, history, and English?
  • Are there challenging academic standards in place at your school, and how do they compare with those at other school districts? Show these standards to parents.
  • How will you inform students about the academic standards they're expected to meet? What kinds of projects and assignments have you planned that will help your students meet higher academic standards?

  • What kind of information do you use to evaluate students? How do you know if they're academically ready to move on to the next grade?
  • How are grades determined in your classroom?

  • What can they do at home to complement what is happening in the classroom?
  • How can they know on a daily basis what homework has been assigned?
  • How can they support your efforts in implementing higher academic standards?

  • What if their child is a slow learner and falls behind, or is a fast learner and is bored?
  • Are summer school, tutoring, or other programs available for students who need more help?

  1. What skills and knowledge will your students be expected to master this year?
  2. How will your students be evaluated?
  3. What can parents do to stay more involved in their child's academic progress?
  4. How do you accommodate differences in learning?

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